Read Write Inc Phonics

Date: 31st Jan 2019 @ 5:29pm

Read Write Inc
The ability to read and write is a key life skill that paves the way to success at school and in the world beyond. Phonics is a way of decoding written letters or spoken sounds. At Warmingham School we use a scheme called Read, Write Inc. to teach children phonics and from there to begin to read and write.
To begin children are taught individual sounds daily during 'Speedy Sounds' sessions. After these have been learnt, children begin to learn how to blend these sounds into words during regular 'Word Time' sessions. Word Time sessions are repeated while new sounds are learned and these are then incorporated into further Word Time sessions.

Fred talk

Fred is our Read, Write Inc. mascot/friend. He can only speak in sounds though, so we have to help him learn to say words, instead of sounds. For example, Fred says 'c-a-t' instead of cat. We also teach him not to add 'uh' to our sounds in order to keep them pure. For example, we say 'c' and not 'cuh'.

Fred Fingers
We use 'Fred Fingers' to help make the transition between oral sounding out and spelling with magnetic letters or on paper. Firstly, we count how many sounds we can hear: "cat, c-a-t, 3 sounds". Then we hold up that many fingers. For each sound we use our other hand to squeeze a Fred Finger and say the sound "c-a-t". Then we use our free hand to 'sweep' over our Fred Fingers and to blend the sounds into a word "cat"
Watch out - words such as fish needs 3 Fred Fingers - "f-i-sh". Words such as flight need 4 Fred Fingers - "f-l-igh-t".
As children become more confident with their sounds and spelling words they will move away from using their Fred Fingers and instead rely on sounding out in their head.

Sound Pronunciation Guide
Learn how to pronounce pure sounds from Set 1 Sounds through to Set 3 with 5-year-old Sylvie.
Sound Pronunciation Guide

Useful Phonics Websites
Here are a few websites that you might like to explore with your child:

Alphablocks - lots of videos and games to help with recognising letters and reading. We watch Alphablocks in school so your child might recognise some of these already!

Phoneme Pop!the sounds/letters drift by on bubbles and your child has to pop the matching sound!

Phonics Play- there are several free games to play that will help your child with their blending and segmenting.