Digital Leaders 2019 - 2020

Miss Killilea

Miss Killilea

Miss Killilea provides superb support and PPA cover across the school. She has excellent knowledge and skill in delivering speech and language support. Miss Killilea has also devoted a great deal of time in leading and supporting the school's Eco Council. She has assisted them to organise competitions, lead Collective Worship and look after our environment. Miss Killilea has now joined forces with the Digital Leaders and will be supporting them in safeguarding our school through e-safety.

With great power comes great responsibility!

What are digital leaders?

Digital leaders are pupil monitors for the technology that is used in our school. They are children who are interested, enthusiastic and, thanks to training, knowledgeable! They spread good behaviour with technology, support teachers and are able to develop their own skills and become a good role model for others; to ultimately enhance computing at Warmingham.

The role of ‘Digital Leader’ is very new to Warmingham and we hope that this role will develop and grow over time.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Taking photographs at events e.g. special assemblies or Sports Day.
  • Supporting other children, and possibly teachers, with using software.
  • Looking after/ maintaining school IT equipment – e.g. keeping the class cameras charged and updating the laptops / netbooks.
  • Trialling new resources/ computer programmes to use in school.
  • Uploading photographs and updating elements of the school website.
  • Leading a lunchtime computing club for younger children (supervised by an adult).
  • teaching children about how to use technology safely including in the online world.

What you gain:

  • Extra ICT training to carry out specific jobs regularly.
  • Using/trialling new software when we receive it in school.
  • Trialling new resources/ computer programmes to use in school.
  • A chance to develop your ICT skills and become an expert in a chosen area of Computing.
  • A chance to organise and even enter Computing competitions.

Meet Our Digital Leaders!

 Bobby F, Jessica P & Rhys M

Both Bobby and Jess are Deputy Head Boy and Girl and hold additional responsibilities to suport the Head Boy and Girl.




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