Eco Council 2019 - 2020

Mrs Bugliarello

Mrs Bugliarello

Mrs Bugliarello, aka Mrs B is our Year 1 & 2 teacher. Mrs B is a super member of our Warmingham family who provides our Key Stage 1 children with a wonderful range of activities to challenge their learning. Mrs B is also an avid fan of animals and wildlife and is the lead teacher for our school Eco Council. Mrs B also co-ordinates the Creative Curriculum within school.

Welcome to Warmingham C of E Primary School Eco Council

Eco Council is a group of children who are trying to help our school become more environmentally aware and eco friendly.

We meet each half term.  The Council have a chance to express their thoughts, views and ideas about the environment and how we can protect and take care of it. We discuss school eco issues and plan future eco events and competitions.  

During the Spring Term we will be running our lunch-time Eco Warriors Club.  You do not need to be on the Eco Council to join.  Look out for the clubs letter which will be available soon.


If you have any interesting eco related ideas please tell your class eco member or Mrs B.

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