School Council 2019 - 2020

School Council

At Warmingham, we have a group of children who form our School Council every year. Every child from Year 1 to Year 6 has the opportunity to put themselves forward to be a school councillor.

These children are responsible for:

  • Working with their classes to discuss any current issues, concerns or developments
  • Feeding back relevant information after School Council meetings to their class and class teacher
  • Selecting charities for our school to support
  • Organising events to help raise money for the nominated charites
  • Making informed decisions about our school, eg: anti bullying policy
  • Inviting visitors into our school when appropriate
  • Working in and communicating with the local community, eg: advertising events, visiting local businesses

We value the role of the School Council in our school as we believe it allows children:

  • To develop confidence and interpersonal skills
  • To be actively involved in decision making that will have a direct impact on their community
  • To work with a range of people, eg: adults from local businesses
  • To begin to understand how a democracy means working fairly
  • To have a voice within their local community
  • To reflect on the needs of their school and chosen charity

School Council Members 2019- 2020 

Head Boy - Samuel B

Head Girl - Sophie K

Year 5 - Anna P

 Year 4 - Lili M

Year 3 - 

Year 2 - 

Year 1 - Declan S

Selection process

At the beginning of each school year each class will discuss the role of the School Councillor and will agree on a set of criteria that the ideal candidate should try and meet, eg: confident to talk in front of others. Any children who are interested in taking on this role then have the opportunity to prepare and present a short pitch to their class explaining why they would make a good Class Council representative. The rest of the class then vote for the person they feel is most suitable for the role. We ask the children to be considerate of each other; if they have had the opportunity to take on this role before then they allow others to also have the opportunity.


The School Council endeavour to communicate effectively through:

  • Collective and Family Worship – whole school, key stage and class
  • Updating the school website regularly
  • Adding items to the newsletter when needed
  • Advertising events around school, eg: posters for a cake sale


Throughout each year, the School Council plan and hold several events to raise money for a nominated charity which they choose. Several charities, as suggested by the children, are invited into school to pitch with a short presentation about why their charity would benefit from the school’s support. Once all pitches have been heard, the children then cast a vote for the charity they would most like to support.

Last year we have chosen to support: Jeans for Genes Day, MacMillan Coffee Morning, Pauls Pantry, Children In Need, Childrens Society, Save the Children, World Downs Syndrome Day & St Francis School in the Solomon Islands.