Years 1 & 2 2019 - 2020

Mrs Bugliarello

Mrs Bugliarello

Mrs Bugliarello, aka Mrs B is our Year 1 & 2 teacher. Mrs B is a super member of our Warmingham family who provides our Key Stage 1 children with a wonderful range of activities to challenge their learning. Mrs B is also an avid fan of animals and wildlife and is the lead teacher for our school Eco Council. Mrs B also co-ordinates the Creative Curriculum within school.

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Welcome back to another action-packed term.  Our topic for this Spring term is...


First Settlements

We will be delving into the wonderful book by Peter Goes, which by combining text with infographics and cartooning, creates a treasure-trove of facts and figures.  We will begin this history-based project by looking closely at 'First Settlements'.  Thinking about life in the Stone Age, we will follow Ug's adventures in 'Ug - Boy genius from the Stone Age' and find out just how tricky it is to 'Wash a Woolly Mammoth'!  We will then continue our journey, travelling through the ages until we reach medieval times and learn about 'Castles'.

See below for this term's topic web, filled with many more exciting new adventures.



Please continue with you spellings and project selection in your Homework Journals.

Also, take a look at TTRocks and this week's Mathletics challenges.








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