Autumn 2021 - Timeline, A Visual History of the World.

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Otters – Mrs Allen

This term has been so busy and I am so pleased with all of Otters, they have achieved their first full term in school. We started our first topic back in September with timelines, we looked at our own timelines and how we have changed from being a baby.  We created our own family trees and explored how families can be different. We looked at the significant people in our lives such as our friends, immediate family members and our extended families.

Our most recent topic has been celebrations, we have looked at a wide variety of celebrations from bonfire night, birthdays, religious celebrations and most recently Christmas and our celebration of our wonderful Nativity production.

Next term, we will take a STEM theme as we become designers. We will be putting our design technology skills to the test making a range of interesting things from buildings to vehicles. We have a very exciting start to the new term that will be revealed in due course.

Hedgehogs – Mrs B

We began our study theme by investigating a ‘time capsule’ that was found in the school grounds. We looked at objects from the past and thought about the differences between now and then. This created many questions.

As Historians, we then travelled back in time to meet a Victorian lady and discovered what life was really like! The teachers were very different to ours. They made you stand when they entered the room, made you wear a dunce’s hat if you gave the wrong answer, even gave you the cane!

As Design Technologists we created healthy fruit kebabs (linked to our Science unit) and planned, made and evaluated our own Victorian toy – a cup and ball.

As Artists we were inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, creating our own self-portraits with fruit. We even created a 3D portrait of Jesus!

During the second half of this term, we learnt about the lives of significant individuals such as Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and how they helped us to have better lives. This gave us the knowledge to write our own fact files.

Combining our other curriculum subjects and inspired by Robert Fitzroy who published the first ever daily weather forecast, in The Times on August 1st, 1861, as Geographers, we created our own weather station so that we could record our own weather. We concluded that it has been a very cold and windy term!

For our ‘Fantastic Finish’, we created our very own Museum followed by a Victorian afternoon tea amongst our homemade Victorian Christmas decorations. We have most definitely enjoyed our learning of the Victorians. In true Victorian style, we say, “Hallelujah!”

We look forward to next Term when our Study Theme will be a STEM based enquiry:

What is an invention?

Can I invent and create something new?

Using the umbrella text

We will research inventions of the past and then we will become the inventors of the future.    Watch this space…

Squirrels – Miss Turrell

We have had a brilliant Autumn term in Squirrels. It all began in September when we were archaeologists for the day, discovering artefacts in the school playground. These artefacts took us back to Ancient Roman times. We learnt all about the Roman Empire, the strength and force of the Roman army, explored historic art where we made our own mosaics and designed and made our own pizzas! Our topic ended brilliantly with our trip to Chester. The children have had a fantastic time learning all about life in Ancient Rome and their interest and enthusiasm has amazed me! 

Next term the children will become inventors! We have a very exciting start to the term which will definitely intrigue the children and bring out their design skills and creativity. 

Badgers – Miss Rauer

This term, Badgers Class have been exploring our local history and have created some wonderful work that reflects what Warmingham would have been like through different historical periods. We had a storyteller share the tale of the Moston Dragon and wrote our own local folktales. We learnt about why the Romans valued salt so much and how it would have been extracted from the flashes in Warmingham through a workshop with Middlewich Heritage. We re-created photographs of the school from the 1990s, and we studied the canals in Middlewich. 

In the Spring term, our focus will be design technology and we will be studying electrical mechanisms, famous inventors and materials. Badgers Class will be challenging themselves to create the best invention that they can, using mechanisms like motors, lights and remote controls.  More will be revealed in January!

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