Emotionally Healthy Schools

This academic year the local authority received a large grant to develop ‘emotionally healthy’ schools across Cheshire East. This is a really valuable opportunity as we are all aware of the need for our young people to develop strategies to cope with the ever-increasing pressures they face.

Through joint working with health, the council and schools a whole programme of training and interventions are being offered to pupils and staff. All schools are in line to receive the benefits of what promises to be an excellent initiative. The scheme is currently being funded for two years. All of the schools are being asked to engage in the programme.

As a nurturing school Warmingham has embraced this intervention from the local authority and has already received some training on how health and well-being support can bring about better life outcomes for all in our care. We will also be undertaking workshops to help our staff to recognise signs of anxiety, stress and mental health challenges that young people may have and how they can best support and guide them to professional help. Furthermore, our staff will also have professional development opportunities to help them better equip pupils to recognise and manage their own emotions, develop resilience and cope with times of transition and change.

To consolidate and support the training undertaken by the staff we have created an array of activities for our pupils to participate in so that we can all begin our journey of being an emotionally literate and healthy school. The first week back the children will rotate round a variety of activities that will promote friendship skills, collaboration, conflict resolution, positive self-image and strategies to cope with anger/anxiety.

We are actively engaging in the initiative as we believe this is a powerful and timely programme that has the potential to improve outcomes for our children and community. This is a government funded initiative which is currently being provided at no direct charge to schools. By the end of this academic year the school will have further increased its capacity to better support our young people’s emotional and mental health.

Should you want to know any more about the programme then please call into school and speak to Mrs Cliffe who is our school’s lead for the programme.

Below are a few websites that you might find helpful:-