"A caring Christian Family Where We Grow Together"

Let your Light Shine - Matthew 5 v 16

This year's Ethos Team are: 

Chloe (Ethos lead)

George (Ethos lead)

Amelie, Anna, Francesca, Sophie, Alfie and Indi

As a team we are excited to take forward our school vision, ethos and christain distinctiveness through a variety of exciting opportunities, such as leading collective worship, leading learning walks, organising school displays and meeting with other ethos teams within the MAT.

Our current value for Autumn term is 'Compassion'. We have shared acts of compassion which have been seen by members of our school family and made links to the story from the bible 'The Good Samaritan' during our whole school Collective Worship time.

We launched the UNICEF 30 years of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of The Child day on 20.11.19. This was a very sucessful day whereby children in each class took time to learn and reflect on the different rights children have.

'It was a very insightful day and we learned about many interesting topics such as forced displacement and how this can be caused by many reasons and the effects it can have on children and their families'. -The Ethos Group

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