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Let Your Light Shine ~ Matthew 5:16


Reading is an important part of children’s learning. Please try and read daily with your child. Short bursts are best at this young age. Sharing books and providing them with opportunities to listen to stories will further ignite their love of books.


Regular practice of all sounds taught will consolidate learning in school and support speedy recognition when applying it to reading and writing. Please see our phonics and reading tab for resources that can support your child at home. You can also access the alphablocks and phonics play sites using the images below. We also have our tricky words which will be sent home as we learn them.


Any opportunities to write is fundamental in practising skills learnt. This could be writing cards, shopping lists, labels or supporting fine motor skills through drawing.


Regular repetition of ordering, writing and counting with numbers 0-20 forwards and backwards will support understanding of number. Have a look at the maths tab for further information about how we teach maths in reception. 

Please find below lots of great websites for you to use at home that have links to a variety of areas of the curriculum. Just click on the image to be taken directly to the website.

Phonics Play

CBeebies Treasure Champs

Teach Your Monster To Read

Nessy Hairy Phonics

CBeebies Numberblocks

CBeebies Alphablocks