Homework is anything that children do outside of the normal school day that contributes to their learning in response to guidance from the school. Homework encompasses a whole variety of activities instigated by teachers and parents to support children’s learning.

Rationale for Homework

Homework is a very important part of a child’s education and can add much to a child’s development. The government made clear its commitment to homework in the 1997 White Paper, ‘Excellence in Schools’, where homework was seen as ‘an essential part of good education’. We recognise that the time and resources available limit the educational experience that any school by itself can provide; children benefit greatly therefore from the mutual support of parents and teachers in encouraging them to learn both at home and at school. Indeed we see homework as an important way of establishing a successful dialogue between teachers and parents. One of the aims of our school is for children to develop as independent learners. We believe that homework is one of the main ways in which children can acquire the skill of independent learning. Homework plays a positive role in raising a child’s level of attainment. We also acknowledge the important role of play and free time in a child’s growth and development.

While homework is important, it should not prevent children from taking part in the wide range of out-of-school clubs and organisations that play an important part in the lives of many children. We are well aware that children spend more time at home than at school, and we believe they develop their skills, interests and talents to the full only when parents encourage them to make maximum use of the experiences and opportunities that are available outside of school.

‘Topic Homework’ will be issued once a term.  The topic homework will be varied and address a range of curriculum objectives to support the learning of the Creative Curriculum . Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling, Reading Comprehension and Maths homework will be issued on a weekly rota . These will be are specific pages to be completed in your child’s own individual work books. Information and extension activities will be posted on the pupils class homework page for reference.