Letting Our Light Shine

A Caring Christian Family Where We Grow Together
Let Your Light Shine ~ Matthew 5:16

The words of the Sermon on the Mount remind us that a light should not be put under a bowl – it should give light to everyone, including oneself.   In possession of God’s light and His love, it is possible for us all to show something of his light in our families, in our school, in our community and throughout the world.

Spreading Kindness in Our Community - Christmas Cards 2020

We delivered some hand made Christmas cards and selection boxes to some local residents and a local residential home.

Raising Money for Others - Christingle - December 2020

After our Christingle Service the children took home some collection boxes to raise money for the Children’s Society who help children and young adults in the darkest of times.    

We raised an incredible £142.50

Respecting Others in Our Community - Remembrance Day - November 2020

Our Year Six pupils led our Remembrance Service.     Over thirty of our families joined us for the service.    We appreciate you taking the time to join us as it made the service more meaningful for the children – thank you.   I’m sure you’ll agree they did an amazing job.    As part of the service, we heard about  Three brave young men from Warmingham gave their lives for their country during World War 1:

Sergeant Richard Ashley

Private William Boulton

Private Joseph Henry Thomas

They are commemorated on the brass plaque on the west wall of St Leonard’s Church.    The clock in the clock tower was purchased after the war in their honour.    We also learnt about some of our relatives:


Officer Carl Hoyle who served 27 years in the RAF.    He completed several tours including some in Afghanistan, Iraq and Bosnia.  He even had a mention on the Queen’s Honours List and received a medal from her.

Private Charles Harold William Rawlings served in the 7th Battalion Worcestershire regiment.   He was killed in battle.  

Private Dennis Rawlings who was killed in battle.  

Corporal Stewart Butters served with the Corps of Royal Engineers for 13 years.  He received medals for serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Corporal Arthur Walker who was in command of a tank in World War Two.   He was involved in the D Day invasion. 

We raised £117.27 for Royal British Legion.

Thanking Others and Spreading Kindness - Harvest - October 2020

In our world of 24-hour supermarkets – with their shelves bursting with countless pre-packaged forms of wheat, barley and their gluten-free equivalents, with multiple varieties of Manuka honey and chilli infused olive oil – it can be easy for us all to take food for granted.  Harvest time is a great opportunity for us to recall and celebrate together the origins of these good gifts – to express our gratitude for the land and people who produce them, and to thank God.      This morning we had the opportunity to express our thanks and support others who are less fortunate than ourselves with the help of St Pauls Pantry, our local foodbank in Crewe.   Anna and Amelie, our Head Girls were both overwhelmed by the amount of Harvest gifts we recieved.   Thank you.   

Raising Money for Our Community - Rag-Bag Bin

We now have a new clothes bin.    If you have any old clothes or shoes which you no longer require, could you please place them in the bin on the village hall carpark.    The profits will be shared between us, the village hall and St Leonards.

Thanking Others in Our Community - Rainbows - September 2020

The children made some rainbows to thank all of the keyworkers and their family who have been working hard to help them safe during these challneging times.   The rainbows also incuded prayers for family and freinds they haven't seen for a while.