School Ethos, Values and Vision

The whole school works together to create a positive environment in which everyone feels confident, successful and valued. We want to provide our learners with an excellent foundation to equip them on their ‘learning journey’. They need the skills in this technologically advancing and developing world in which they will be working and living.

With this in mind, we know that our learners will need to have excellent communication skills. They should feel confident and motivated to learn, develop their ICT capabilities, be able to work well with others and think creatively to solve problems.

At Warmingham C of E Primary School we strive to create a learning environment, which promotes respect, diversity and self-awareness. This will equip all of our pupils with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed to succeed in their future lives.

Our ethos is created by our core Christian foundations and values which permeate throughout our school.

Our Vision

At Warmingham C of E Primary we have a wonderful family atmosphere where everyone plays a part in ensuring the children have a successful start on their learning journey. The staff, governors and parents work together to provide a very happy, caring and nurturing environment. We aim to give the children an education they will remember; one which develops the whole child and which makes your child proud to be a pupil at this school.

We aim to ensure that every child will value themselves as a unique individual with special qualities and strengths. They will have a strong social, spiritual and moral grounding on which to base relationships and decisions.

We endeavour that every child will achieve their potential through developing their skills, knowledge and understanding across a creative and inspiring curriculum and become a life-long learner.

We aspire that every child will welcome new experiences and be courageous in their learning. This will develop their confidence to tackle challenges, solve problems and make mistakes within a secure environment.

We intend that every child will take responsibility for their actions to have a respect and understanding of the beliefs, values and needs of others in the local and global community.

We seek that every child will be encouraged to understand the meaning and significance of faith.

At Warmingham C of E Primary School we are committed to the children in our care. Warmingham C of E Primary School’s Inclusion Policy recognises that all individuals are unique and have different needs. It confirms an entitlement to equality of opportunity, irrespective of gender, race or disability.

"Let your light shine" - Matthew 5:16