Parental feedback

During the school year we take many opportunities to seek parental/stakeholder views and take these into account as we review certain aspects of school life.  Below you will find the outcome of some of these consultations:


School dinners

The reponse was fantastic with many comments about the high quality and standard of the meals.  As a result we have increased to 2 days 'Roast dinner choice', moved to one main option with the second choice being of a lighter variety such as omelete, baked potato or toastie.

Parents did not want us to move to a reduced cost for infant compared to junior so we increased the price for all by just 5p.  There had been no increase in school dinner cost for over 3 years.

School quesionnaire 2014

Please see attached the questionnaire from Summer 2014.  The comments and results are very pleasing and we are delighted that 21 quesionnaires were returned. We have summarised  some of the key points below.


Thank you to everyone who returned their quesionnaire.


Key areas of success

Most responses were that parents either agreed or strongly agreed that we were good in the aspects surveyed.

· Children feel safe at school - we are  really delighted that all responses were positive in this area.  It is crucial that children feel safe in school.

· Parents would recommend us to other prospective parents - for small schools like us word of mouth is paramount to filling places.  Please keep passing on the word!

· There is a good standard of behaviour - we are always proud of our children both in school and on trips.  We regularly get complimented on the fantastic behaviour that the children display.

· The children enjoy coming to school - what a great way to start the day!

· The school is welcoming and there are opportunities to get involved - The staff, governors and PTA are always keen to have the involvement of parents and friends of the school.  If you have a particular skill you think would be helpful please get in touch.  The staff are always looking for people to hear children read, garden or do art activities!

· The children are taught well - this is our key area of 'business' so we were thrilled that you agree the children are taught well.

· Use of the texting service - it is an easy way to communicate with parents and we have tried  not to over use this service, hopefully we have the correct balance.


A few responses were neither agree/disagree.

These included:

- whether the appropriate amount of homework is set - this is an on going debate and one that we will continue to have this year.

- children enjoying a range of extra curricular activities - we will look into this more over the coming term.  The staff all run clubs which we provide free to children as well as using some of our sports grant to pay for a sporting club.  We also have one parental paid club and this is an area which we could expand. The parent council will look into this next term.

- the school deals with any incidents of bullying effectively (also added onto 2/3 people who ticked this said that they actually weren't aware of any incidents of bullying so could not comment on it)

- my child is encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle (please see comment below).

Areas for development

Healthy Eating - One parent commented that they felt too many edible treats were used throughout school either as rewards or at after school clubs.  We have reviewed our behaviour policy and rather than rewarding the children when they reach the rainbow with a sweet we are going to give stickers towards our individual sticker charts.  When children get 10 stickers they get to go in the 'treasure box' for a non edible rewards and when they get to 20 they get to wear their own clothes for the day (this is a firm favourite with all children). We have given out biscuits and juice/water at the after school clubs run by the staff because we find that most children need a little something to keep them going to pick up time.  We will bear this comment in mind and ensure that these are not chocolate based snacks (although chocolate biscuits have always been a rarity and children have always had the choice of a fruit alternative).  We take healthy eating seriously and as a result we have nominated ourselves to take part in 'Food dudes' which is a healthy eating promotion being trialled by Cheshire East Council from September 2014.

'Wrong dates' - We apologise that the wrong dates have sometimes been sent out, this can be due to dates changing or crossed wires.  We will endeavour to make sure that these occurrences are limited.

‘Can we have a questionnaire per child?’ - Additional copies are always available if you ask at the office however we will discuss this year whether to change the questionnaire to pupil based rather than family.



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