Reading at home

Our aim is for all children to read as often as possible at home. Providing opportunities for children to read to adults at home allows children to share their love of reading with others and will encourage them to develop their enjoyment. Sharing a book with an adult can be a very special experience for all children and allows 10-20 minutes of quieter time spent in a different world. 

In Reception and KS1, children will bring home a Read Write Inc. book which matches their phonics knowledge. Reading these books multiple times allows children to build on their phonics knowledge. Children are encouraged to read other books alongside these and we encourage adults to continue to read more challenging texts to their children too. 


In KS2, children will bring home one levelled reading book which matches their word reading and comprehension skills. Fluency of reading (children's ability to read words fluently) links to comprehension (children's ability to understand what they have read) closely to allow children opportunities to read books which are appropriate for them. As children progress in fluency and comprehension, they are encourgaed to have autonomy over their reading material. We encourage children to read widely and often both in school and at home. 

Children who are 'free readers' can choose any book to bring home to share with adults and read independently. These are monitored in school to ensure children are reading challenging and enjoyable material. This also encourages children to have ownership of their reading material, both at home and in school.


Reading at home is vital for children to progress and open the door to learning in all areas. Reading a little and often is best - as a general rule, 10 minutes for children in Early Years and KS1 and up to 20 minutes in KS2. 

Whilst it is important for children in KS2 to read independently, we ask children to continue sharing books with an adult as this allows children to use different skills and lets them show off everything they know! 

The books children bring home (RWInc and Oxford Tree) include questions to ask before, during and after reading. These are a guide and allow opportunities for children to develop their 'book talk' whilst sharing books with adults. When children are 'free readers' and can choose any book to read, asking children to explain what they have read is a good way to ensure they are still practising comprehension skills. 


Resources to use at home This link provides lots of information about RWInc and our reading schemes

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