Religious Education

Religious Education at Warmingham is led by the CORE RE team.

Sally Allen, Alice Ramage, Fiona Todd and Helen Moxley.

Our RE Co-ordinator at Warmingham is Sally Allen

R.E. is a very important part of the life of Warmingham School. Although it is taught in lessons we strive to ensure that Christian values are evident throughout the school. We are also a part of the Global Learning Programme. This too links in with our Christian values.

Religious Education (RE) lessons take place on a weekly basis at Warmingham, although the Christian nature of the school means that the subject is also woven into other topic areas and is clearly evident in the life and ethos of each day.

The children are introduced to the beliefs of Christianity and Judaism in the infants and these teachings are built upon as they enter the juniors, together with beliefs of Islam.

We ensure that as well as teaching the children knowledge about the different faiths they are also given opportunities to reflect on their own beliefs and appreciate the different viewpoints of others and their peers.  We do make sure that there is a distinction between learning about and learning from religion so that personal reflection is not rushed into before spending adequate time learning about each topic.   Throughout this process “Big Questions” are encouraged and children are given opportunities to reconsider their initial thinking, extend their enquiry or re-prioritise their questions.  Reflection at the end of a unit through our Windows, Mirrors and Doors concept enables children to individually reflect on how the topic has impacted them in their own lives. In order to provide for this, we follow the concepts and enquiry planning model:



The children are engaged through visiting speakers, drama activities, role playing festivals, art work, exploring beliefs in creative and imaginative ways, writing activities, educational visits and studying religious artefacts.

Due to the children being in mixed year group classes each class follows a two-year rolling program, ensuring that all required units are taught.  However, as OFSTED advocate, we ensure that this is not followed too rigidly so that children’s opportunities to engage in broader key ideas or questions are hindered (October 2013).

Within our school calendar we also allow for specific RE days or weeks where we focus on different specific Christian beliefs.  These times allow the children to think more deeply about aspects of Christianity or Christian festivals and usually fall at the beginning or end of the term. For example, at Christmas time, we had a morning of Messy Christmas Crafts to help children develop their understanding of Christmas and the Christmas story. We are also looking forward to our forthcoming Easter week of activities including art, music and drama.

The lesson always with a question. Not all children believe or have the same faith and children enjoy questioning and discussion. The children also learn about Judaism, Hinduism and Islam.

We work closely with our vicar Rev. Phillip Goggin. He also helps us to plan assembly themes for the year. The assembly themes follow the church year and are interactive and exciting. 


Here you will also find our Scheme of Work.

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