School results - KS1 and phonics

Key Stage 1 and EYFS

Key stage 1 (2016)


Percentage (10 pupils = 10% per pupil)



5 /10

50% (The remaining 50% were within 6 points of the 100 mark standard)

74% Expected Standard

24% Greater depth


6 /10


65% Expected Standard

13% Greater depth



60% (3 of the remaining 4 pupils were within 5 points of the 100 standardisation score)




70% (3 children scoring 97 narrowly missing the 100 mark)

73% Expected Standard

18% Greater depth




82% Expected Standard


Key Stage 1 results are slightly below national %. However, this a true reflection of the childrens individual ability. All work was moderated both internally and externally. The standardised scores are within a few marks of the expected standard. There is a high percentage of pupils with additional needs within this cohort.

Year 1 Phonics Screening (10 pupils = 10% per pupil)

8 out of 10 pupils (80%) scored in excess of the 32 points threshold. One pupil was disapplied due to Statement of SEN. National average 81%.  Previous pupils at Year 1 who did not meet the threshold last year were successful in meeting this years screening benchmark.

EYFS (10 pupils = 10% per pupil)

Following further moderation at the end of the term and advice form the EYFS cluster the final % of pupils making Good Level of Development was reduced to 6 pupils (60% - 1 pupil is 10%) due to the individual’s ability at time of moderation. Large percentage of pupils have speech and language difficulties. This overall mark is below National Expectations of 69%.  Further work following the deadline of the data submission found that 70% of the children met their age expected levels.  Which has met the national level.

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