Sports grant

Sport Premium funding, also known as Olympic Legacy funding, for Physical Education and School Sport was announced by the government in March 2013. This substantial sum of £150m per year is going directly to schools this autumn, running from September 2013 to August 2015. The new ‘ring-fenced’ funding – only to be spent on PE and sport – will go directly to schools who will decide what is best for their children’s needs with the aim of improving the quality of provision in every state primary school in England.

Here at Warmingham we will be receiving around £8,055 which in accordance with the guidance we will be channeling directly into developing the provision of Sport and PE throughout the school. We have developed a plan that is based around the academic year September 2013 to July 2014. Below is a breakdown of how the funding will be spent with how we will be measuring its impact on our children.



- £6000 - using ‘Northwest sports partnership’ to deliver extremely high quality PE lessons for all children. These lessons are supported by school staff and are a development opportunity for all

- £1000 - Funding an afterschool PE club. Each half term the topic of this club, on a Wednesday will change, as will the year groups that it is opened to.

- £1000 - Contributing towards the cost of swimming lessons for 7-11 year olds in the summer term.

- £250 - Membership of Sandbach sports partnership in order to increase the number of sporting opportunities.


The impact of this funding will be measured through:

  • pupil perception questionnaires measuring the interest of children in different areas of the PE curriculum and after school clubs

  • direct feedback by teachers on the quality of support offered by the specialist

  • the increase in the number of children engaging in inter school sporting activities

  • the number of children attending a sports club either in school or outside

  • the quality of P.E. lessons and the pupils’ skills developed due to better equipment

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