Spring 2022 - Timeline, A Visual History of our Science and DT world.

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Let Your Light Shine ~ Matthew 5:16


Our study themes are based on Peter Goes’ Timeline book about science and technology.    The ‘Timeline’ book is our umbrella text which all the study themes stem from.    Each class will also have their key quality texts which will be the driving force behind the children’s work.     Although, we will be teaching elements of every subject area, science and design technology will be the main subject areas for this term.

Otters - Spring Term started with a BANG!

We made our wonderful human machine on our WOW starter day. Following this Otters’ Class set to work as inventors design their own ideas for what could help them in school.   They all worked collaboratively and made the most fantastic robot to help them when it is tidy up time, who needs a sticker or house point and many more wonderful things.

Moving forwards for the term ahead our primary focus will be buildings.   As Design Technologists, we will be looking at a wide variety of buildings around the world and comparing their size, structure, strength and design and seeing what we can build even better! We will look at key buildings such as homes, schools and churches and how they have changed over the years.   As Artists, we will be drawing and designing using an attention to detail through a range of mediums such as paint, chalk and charcoal.

We will initially be looking at the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and their building designs as our key text before moving on to the wonderful book ‘Building a home’ These books will also support our written work and our math work as we explore size and shape.


What is an invention?  Can I invent and create something new?

We have begun our Study Theme with a bang! After creating a ‘marvellous machine’ to help with their learning, the children have become enthused to become inventors of the future.

Hedgehogs have already designed their individual inventions and will be making prototypes with a recycling theme. We already have: personal assistant robots, mind-reading machines and even a Lunch-time dress in the making! Our next Design Technology challenge will be to combine our love of music to design and create musical instruments.   As Artists we have been inspired by Michael Lang and are busy showing our interpretations of his ‘Mechanical art’ drawing on our current Mathematical learning of Geometry.

As Writers we have become poets, learning how to write Kenning poems about inventions and on Monday will be meeting the poet Mark Grist.    This is just the beginning of a very innovative and creative term. As Albert Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”


This term our theme is 'A History of Inventions'.   We will be exploring inventions from the Vikings with a specific focus towards the Viking Longboats.   We will aim to evaluate and develop the Vikings design so we can create our own Longboats, which are effective in water and look attractive.   The children will be using their imagination and innovation to produce a final product, which will include an electrical component.   I am sure the children will thrive as the prospect of being mini inventors!


This term, our study focus is STEM and electrical mechanisms.   Our spectacular starter included a whole-school learning machine dance, and then a two-week design project where the children created and will sell their re-used and eco-friendly inventions.   Badgers Class will be learning how to build a circuit, and will be using lights and motors in science.   We will then use our scientific skills to design, build and improve robots.   We hope to host a Robot Wars event, planned by the class, at the end of this term to celebrate their learning.

April 2022 Update

Otters - What a wonderfully busy and productive term we have had in Otters.  We began our new topic 'Adventures Underwater' with the arrival of a little penguin friend who we discovered was lost from the South Pole. Using maps we located where the South Pole was and the other oceans in the world. This led us on to exploring what animals lived underwater.   We used the text ‘Somebody swallowed Stanley’ and about how to look after our waters by recycling.  We also found that there are many different types of jellyfish around in the different oceans. We also took part in Science week, which had a focus of growth this year.  We had a special delivery of baby stick insects, which we have been observing in our investigation station alongside the cress seeds we have been growing.   Finally, we must mention the wonderful Lion King production that we took part in that show cased all the dance work we had been doing this term.

 Hedgehogs - Can I invent and create something new?   The answer to this was most certainly yes!   Hedgehogs have been awesome inventors this term.  From designing and creating their own invention to being inspired by artists such as Michael Lang and his mechanical art to learning about Stone Age and Iron Age Celtic inventors.    We have been on an amazing journey of innovation.

Squirrels – A history of inventions was our topic in Squirrels this term with a focus towards the Vikings.   We explored Viking inventions, specifically the Viking longboat that introduced our design project.   The children have been creating, testing and designing their own boats.   Working as a team and sharing ideas with each other the children have produced some brilliant designs. 

As well as this, the children had the opportunity to take part in an electricity workshop where they learnt about circuits and electrical components.   Also in Science, the children have really enjoyed learning all about forces and magnets.   We have experimented with which materials are magnetic and how strong different magnets are. 

Badgers - This term, Badgers Class have been looking at the process of invention, from research and planning to evaluation of our final products.   We studied electrical mechanisms in science, and used this knowledge to build our own Robots, which were designed to compete against each other in a Robot War!   We learnt about famous inventors and we practised our sketching skills in art.   Badgers Class were brilliant at writing mechanical spooky stories based on Clockwork by Phillip Pullman. Great work, Badgers!