Wrap Around Care

In partnership with Sports Coaching North West (SCNW) we can now offer after school child care.  We can offer after school provision up until 6pm five days a week. All sessions will be held at school. The children will participate in a variety of planned activities. For costings and information please contact Ross Kesteven (01270 449770) or Mrs Mellor (01270 526260).

In addition to this we work incredibly closely with a local Ofsted registered Child Minder to offer an alternative child care provision. She offers breakfast/tea and a wide range of activities.  If you would like her contact details please speak to the school office.

The staff at school lead a wide range of after school clubs which vary every half term.  The clubs are designed to cater for all ages, abilities and interests.  For example, we have led the following clubs, singing, baking, paper areoplanes, arts and crafts, SATs, french, lego, homework, sewing, etc. The list goes on!  The children thoroughly enjoy these clubs. They run during lunchtimes and after school.

In addition, every Tuesday and Thursday night SCNW provide a sports club to attend.  There is a small charge for these clubs.

Furthermore, film nights are also led by the PTA so keep an eye open for new events advertised in the school newsletter!