In order to encourage creativity and independence in writing, we write for an extended period regularly following a writing cycle approach. This allows children to evaluate their writing and improve it and allows teachers to assess progress and evaluate personal short term targets regularly. 

The RCSAT writing philosophy is:

If a child can say it, they can write it!

The talking voice is not the same as the writing voice


Children are encouraged to:

- talk about their writing

- find exciting words and use these in their writing

- 'borrow' exciting words and phrases from other authors

- have a go at using interesting examples of punctuation

- write for an extended period of time

- re-read their own writing and find ways to improve it

- understand what they need to do next to improve

- use spelling, grammar and punctuation appropriate to their age and the genre they are writing


We encourage all our children to apply their writing skills in all areas of the curriculum and in their homework activities too. 

As part of our writing cycle, children are given opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of particular genres which are then built upon each year. Children will experience frequent opportunities to write independently before completing a final piece which will be entered into their celebration books. The writing in these books shows children's ability to independently apply the content, skills, grammar, spelling and features of each genre taught. 

We develop handwriting using a progressive pre-cursive font called 'Nelson FK'. This supports pupils to join letters from an early age. Our handwriting books start from KS1 so that children have the opportunity to develop a pre-cursive style ready for formal joining.

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