Year 1/2

TT Rockstars

Practise your timestables on TT Rockstars - see if you can improve your speed.   Each day you will need to complete a 'studio' game before you go on to play any of the other games.   



There will also be tasks and games for you to play on Mathletics.   Don't forget to check out all of the tabs at the top of the screen:

Activities - Tasks we will set for you to complete
Explore - Activities and videos for you to watch.   These are really useful if you are stuck!
Play - Full of games and apps for you to play.

Writing Tasks - Please download the file
There are some writig tasks for you to complete.   Some will only take a while and others may take a couple of days for you to complete.   Don't forget to read through your work - check your spelling and punctuation before you try to improve at least one session of your writing.   Just like you do in school!

Maths tasks - files to download

There are some creative maths tasks and also some fluency tasks to download. For the fluency tasks, choose a number to be represented by the star. This can be as tricky as you like (a guide is given on the sheets) and every time you see the star, it will represent that number. 

Homework Learning Journals
Work through any uncompleted tasks from your Homework Learning Journals (Yellow Books).   Don't forget to keep practisng your spellings.

Purple Mash
There is a range of activities you can work your way through on Purple Mash.   Try to do one or two each day.


'PE passport, a tool the school uses to plan our PE curriculum has created online content to provide fun and engaging challenges to be attempted at home and as families. They have added Dance, Yoga, Hand/Eye Coordination skills and personal challenges. The content of this will be updated daily over the coming weeks and I hope the resources available will help you stay active during the closure. The website also provides external links to other websites that might prove useful to parents and carers whilst at home. Please click on the link below to access this content.


Latest PE activities (updated 3.4.20):

Interactive PE game


Fun Generator


Stay safe, stay fit and stay active!

All work needs to be recorded in your Homework Learning Journals (Yellow Books).   
Please bring them back into school when we reopen.

Files to Download