Squirrels (Year 3/4)

Squirrels' Home Learning

We appreciate how difficult it is juggling learning activities at home with your own jobs and priorities. As always, we would urge you to find your own rhythms and routines.  What is right for you and your own individual circumstances is RIGHT for your children at this moment.   Please don't worry that you aren’t getting it right - you are – and you are all doing an amazing job!   As a society, we have never been in this position and we are all learning and adapting day by day. 

On this page you will find lots activities and tasks to help you with your child's home learning.  
Please don't feel that we expect you to complete all of them.  
They should be treated more as ideas and suggestions to dip in and out of  rather than a list of must dos.    Learning is just like learning to play an instrument - little and often and you'll be a concert pianist!     

As a rough guide we would like you to complete the following each day:

  1. Spend valuable family time together, playing games and having fun.  
  2. Daily exercise - physical and mental (GoNoodle is brilliant for this).
  3. Read and share stories.   There are lots of ideas on the Reading Challenge below.
  4. Keep a diary or scrap book about your time in lockdown.   In years to come we will be able to flick back through your memories and thoughts.    
  5. Practise your spellings
  6. Complete one of the tasks from the English Pack which you can download below.
  7. White Rose Maths - Daily Maths activities with video clips for the children to watch before they start the work.    
  8. TT Rockstars - Year 2 upwards.   Try to play at least one game a day.
  9. Mathletics - Play games.   Click on the 'Play' tab to play games which will ensure the children continue to develop their Maths skills.

Over the course of the week also try to:

  1. Complete the fluency grids - download below
  2. Complete one of the tasks from the Take Away Homework - download below

There are also a selection of other resources the children can dip in and out of.   There is far too much!    
We have tried to cater for the children's different interest to make things a little easier for you.   

Home Learning with White Rose (Maths)

The White Rose daily activities will be uploaded here for you to download - see below.
Please try to do one activity a day.
Click on the icon below to access their video tutorials 

TT Rockstars

Practise your timestables on TT Rockstars - see if you can improve your speed.   Each day you will need to complete a 'studio' game before you go on to play any of the other games.   



There will also be tasks and games for you to play on Mathletics.   
Don't forget to check out all of the tabs at the top of the screen:

Activities - Tasks we will set for you to complete
Explore - Activities and videos for you to watch.   These are really useful if you are stuck!
Play - Full of games and apps for you to play.

Maths Fluency - Please download the file below

Each page has some fluency tasks. Just pick a number to represent the star (there is guidance on how to pick the numbers) and everywhere you see a star, replace it with the number you have chosen. 

English Tasks - Please download the file below
There are some writig tasks for you to complete.   Some will only take a while and others may take a couple of days for you to complete.   Don't forget to read through your work - check your spelling and punctuation before you try to improve at least one section of your writing.   Just like you do in school!

Homework Learning Journals
Work through any uncomplete tasks from your Homework Learning Journals (Yellow Books).   
Don't forget to keep practisng your spellings.

BBC Bitesize - From Monday 20th April

From Monday 20th April, you’ll be able to access regular daily lessons in English and Maths, as well as other core subjects, in an expanded version of their website and also on special programmes broadcast on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button.   They have worked with their colleagues in other parts of the BBC and education experts from around the UK to make sure everyone who needs it can access learning resources during this uncertain time. You can also expect some of it to be delivered by well-known faces.

Purple Mash
There is a range of activities you can work your way through on Purple Mash.   
Try to do one or two each day.


Lets keep our fitness up whilst we have time at home.  Click on the links below, watch the interactive home work out videos and give it a go.   No equipment needed, so no excuses!   Lets have have fun and keep fit!   Test yourself if you can and try to combine more than one exercise video.   Try as many as you want throughout the day or even create your own?


Active Board Game

Fun Generator

All work should be recorded in your Homework Learning Journals (Yellow Books).   
Please bring them back into school when we reopen.

Files to Download