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Let Your Light Shine ~ Matthew 5:16

About Us

We are a committed group of parents who volunteer our time raising money, through various events, to provide educational resources that might not fall within the school budget. We organise and run a wide range of fun events throughout the school year such as the Christmas Fair, Family Discos, Bingo, Film Nights as well as numerous after school events.  As a parent of a child at Warmingham C of E Primary school you are automatically a member of the PTA and any ideas, help and support you can offer would be great.

Why not get involved after all it’s your children that will benefit.

Being part of the PTA at Warmingham doesn’t mean taking up lots of your time. We only meet a handful of times depending on what events are planned and if you can’t attend there are other ways to help, we always need bakers for the cake sale and assistance with selling tea and coffee. There are many ways to get involved no matter how much or how little time you have.

PTA Committee

Chair: Claire Henry (Mum of Eoin)

Secretory: Vacancy

Treasurer: Bev Beech (Mum of Emily and Frankie)

Media: Victoria Harth (Mum of Tobin and Imogen)


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