Date: 27th Jan 2018 @ 2:58pm


All children got to experience music and art today. Everybody had chance to work with the wonderful tutors at Ingestre, learning from them about artist's techniques (in both music and art). The music tutor, John, helped us to write, record and finsh producing our song, 'The Beach'. 


During our evening activites, we got to enjoy Mrs Mellor's surprise games. Hannah emerged the winner of 'pass the parcel with a difference' and even asked for her very own forfeit. Then we played 'orange in the tights' and learned that we have some very natural athletes among us, even when hindered by a pair of tights on their head! We had a great time and a for some of us it was our favourite part of the visit!



After the games, we thought it would be a good idea for a wind down, so we had our own circle time to share our favourite parts of the residential so far. A lot of us could not choose our favourite part and simply said 'everything'! All of us enjoyed spending time with each other and meeting new people.



A good night's sleep was had by all (or some, at least). We rose early to strip beds and pack our things. Mrs Rigden and myself found it very amusing to watch!

Once we had brought our suitcases downstairs and eaten another delicious breakfast, we headed to our final workshops to prepare to share our work with everybody. Mrs Rigden and myself could not have been prouder watching the children showcase their work with such a large audience! One group put on an art exhibition to rival the Tate (in our opinion) and the other group put on a live performance of our song 'The Beach'. 

We loved seeing what Bunbury had been up to as well and we return to school with lots of ideas in our pockets!



The last thing I need to say is how proud we (the adults) are of all the children. It was commented upon by a number of Ingestre staff how polite, kind and courteous our children are which is so lovely to hear. We all know Warmingham children are the best in the world and it is lovely to know that others notice too!

I had a lovely time with you all. Thank you!

Miss Killick xx

ps: more photos and videos will be here shortly!

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Hannah G wrote:

Thank you very much for this amazing residential.
This was a wonderful experience and I'm sure that everyone else in Year 5 and 6 would agree.
Than you very much to Miss Killick, you have worked very hard to organize this, booking the coach, getting the accommodation and so much more!
Thank you very much to Georgia for giving up your spare time to come and help us out, we would not have been able to manage without you!
And last of all, thank you to Mrs Rigden for coming with us, we loved sharing the wonderful experience with you!
If I was ever given the opportunity to do it again, I would definitely
say yes!
Hannah x

Amelia T wrote:

Thank you for to this we really enjoyed it we all liked it with Bunbury because we made new friends and the best thing was having fun thank you all for coming and taking us. Amelia xxxx