How we teach Religious Education

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Let Your Light Shine ~ Matthew 5:16

Our RE scheme of work, from the Chester Diocese, is based on 11 Christian theological concepts. Each concept is built on progressively from Reception to Year 6. Religious Education (RE) lessons take place on a weekly basis at Warmingham, although the Christian nature of the school means that the subject is also woven into other topic areas and is clearly evident in the life and ethos of each day. The lessons are engaging and challenging and always start with a concept question. We ensure that as well as teaching the children knowledge about the different faiths they are also given opportunities to reflect on their own beliefs and appreciate the different viewpoints of others and their peers.  We do make sure that there is a distinction between learning about and learning from religion so that personal reflection is not rushed into before spending adequate time learning about each topic.

In order to provide for this, we follow the concepts and enquiry planning model:


Not all children believe or have the same faith and children enjoy questioning and discussion. The children are provided with opportunities to learn about other faiths such as Judaism, Hinduism and Islam.

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