What Parents, Children & Staff Say About Us

A Caring Christian Family Where We Grow Together
Let Your Light Shine ~ Matthew 5:16

“Since moving to the area, I was worried about the children moving school but Warmingham CE Primary is such a caring, community minded school and my children adore it.” Katrina, Parent.

“The teachers aren’t shouty or mean.   The playground is always a friendly place to be and we also have a new trim trail.” Ella, Pupil

“We are family.” Mrs Bugliarello, Teacher

“My son has been going to Warmingham Primary school from the start of reception and in now in year 6. The school is by far the best school we could of choose for him. We have watched him grow to be a polite and helpful boy and it has been amazing.   Throughout the years the staff have always been supportive and easy to talk to with any concerns but not only the staff the parents too.    Warmingham is not just a school it is a family.” Nicola, Parent

“The school is full of smiles.” Alena, Pupil

“When working at Warmingham you hear laughter.  The children experience a well-rounded curriculum.   I love that no single day at work is the same.   This is because we don’t only focus on the difficulties a child might be having, we focus on the children’s strengths, and we also take into consideration their personality, what they like to do and play.” Mrs Cliffe, SENCo

“Wow! What a wonderful school Warmingham is. My son has thrived here so far, there is a wonderful sense of a school family for the children and parents and a lovely caring environment.  I love the way the older children really welcome the younger ones when they start.  I would recommend the school to anyone and am very positive it will only improve in the future months and years.”   Alex, Parent

“I want everyone to know that at Warmingham, we are kind.   Everyone is happy and we are all friends.     There is lots of sport and learning.” Anna, Pupil.

“They keep us safe.” Elizabeth, Pupil

“There are lots of fun activities.” Simon, Pupil

“All of my 3 children have grown to be very confident, well rounded children at Warmingham. They all feel part of the School family and local community. The eldest has gone on to High School and with the grounding and education Warmingham has given her she has embraced the transition with ease." Sarah, Parent

“Warmingham Primary School is a unique and wonderful school which provides the best start in life and a great education for all of its pupils.  The teachers and all of the teaching staff are 110% committed in providing the best learning opportunities and experiences.  They help to engage the pupils by making the education fun by using engaging topics, music and outdoors experiences.  Being a smaller school means that the staff are able to provide a level of attention and a nurturing environment which wouldn’t always be possible at larger schools.  There’s a strong emphasis on good manners, mutual respect and the importance of behaviours which I believe are equally as important as the education provided.  There’s a strong, supportive Principal providing clear leadership focused on ensuring pupils’ wellbeing and education is at the forefront of the decisions made.  I feel lucky to have my children both attend this wonderful school”.   Bev, Parent

“My son is in Year 5 now and as parents we have watched him flourish over the past few years at Warmingham. Such a lovely little school with lots to give. Kindness and caring are their biggest assets and the small class sizes mean the children have more 1-2-1 time with the teachers which is a bonus.” Sam, Parent

“My daughter, Pati loves school she goes with smile and comes home with a smile.” Malgorzata, Parent

“We are all friendly and love meeting the new reception children every year.” Oliver, Pupil

“They have good sporting activities and the teachers are very supportive.” Edwin, Pupil

“I like working at Warmingham because there is support for all and time to listen – we build confidence.” Mrs Knight, Teaching Assistant.

“Warmingham is a small school with a BIG heart.   It’s supportive, enriching and fun.   I love how all the pupils look out for each other and support each other, a lovely community spirit.” Charlotte, Parent.

“You will not be bullied here and there is a much better education compared to the private school I went to.” Lucas, Pupil

“The teachers are nice and friendly.” Elliott, Pupil

“Eoin has had an absolutely brilliant first week and a half at school. The caring attitude and kindness of all the staff is plain to see in spite of the need for us all to socially distance. The happiness evident in all the children when we are dropping Eoin off and picking him up is also very clear and has rubbed off on him. He loves it and was disappointed he couldn’t go to school at the weekend!   Many thanks for everything.” Cormac & Claire Henry, Parents

“I’m so thankful for the care and friendships I’ve found at Warmingham.   The children are an absolute delight, the atmosphere makes it a wonderful place to be and I enjoy it so much.   It never really feels like work.” Mrs Gregory, Teaching Assistant

“Everyone is so friendly.” Oliver, Pupil

“I am incredibly lucky to lead Warmingham.  Our children are just amazing – always thinking of others, always trying their very hardest so they can be the best possible versions of themselves.   The children achieve their best – personally and academically because we care deeply about every single child in our care.” Kate Appleby, Principal