Protocol For Virtual Platforms

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Online safety protocol must be followed at all times.

  • During the meeting, lesson, catch up meetings or any other teacher and pupils meetings that only involve your child, they should be supervised by a parent/carer.
  •  If you witness or hear anything that is of concern, please end the meeting immediately and report your concerns to the academy.
  • Please do not try and make contact with school staff through virtual means outside of the scheduled meeting.
  • Please stop other household members from being in the background of the meeting or being close enough for users to hear their voices.
  •  Please ensure the language of children and adults is appropriate at all times.
  •  Links to online safety can be found on the school website -
  • No recording of any online meetings is permitted.

Organisation for Remote Learning

  • Please ensure that your child is in a suitable (not a bedroom) quiet room to limit noise, which will enable all users to hear each other.
  • If possible your child should ‘mute’ their voice when not actively participating in the lesson.
  • The focus of any sessions will be directed by the teacher; they will be clear what expectations there are and we ask you to avoid asking questions until the allocated time to do so is made clear.
  • There will be opportunities to gain further support from staff should it be needed and this will be explained to you by the member of staff at the start of each session.

Parents evening meetings

  • It is up to parents to decide if they wish to have their children present with them for the meeting. Parents should be aware however that often this meeting is an opportunity for staff to talk honestly and openly with parents so it may not be wholly appropriate for children to attend the entire meeting.
  • In the event of any IT failure then the meeting will be rearranged if mobile contact cannot be quickly be established. It is up to the member of staff to agree a convenient time for this. The meeting will not be able to overrun on the originally agreed evening due to the knock on impact this has on others.
  • The parents meeting will work strictly to 10 minutes. The teacher will make you aware of this and parents are asked to leave the meeting on time. Parents must be ready at their allotted time and ideally a couple of minutes before.
  • There is to be no recording of any meetings.
  • If one parent is unable to attend the meeting then no other meeting will be offered.
  • If you need further time for any reason then staff are always contactable on other days using email or for a pre-arranged phone call.
  • There will always be two staff present at each meeting.
  • If any language or behaviour which is aggressive or confrontational in nature occurs then the meeting may have to be stopped and the matter handed to a member of the school’s senior management team.
  • Parents and staff should keep to the discussions around the progress of their child since starting school in September at this meeting.

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