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Level 1 Remote Learning

Level 1 Remote Learning will take place when a child is absent from school due to illness, self isolation of themselves or a household member, government advised quarantine after foreign travel or awaiting the results of a Covid 19 test for themselves or household member.

We do not expect children to complete remote learning if they are not well enough to do so.    Please don't worry about any work they miss - they will catch up.    It's more important that they recover.

Level 1 Remote Learning will involve using the following resources:

  • Maths No Problem - see atatched files below.
  • Writing - see attached files below.
  • My Maths - complete tasks set online
  • TT Rockstars - 10 minutes each day
  • Daily Reading - 20 minutes each day
  • Spelling Practice - 10 minutes each day.    Spellings can be found in the chidlren's yellow Homework Journals
  • Connected Curriculum - See the 'Homework Matrix' grid below

Any work completed during a Level 1 absence can be completed on paper, in their yellow homework journal or Maths No Problem Workbook.    

Ring or email us if you need any additional support or advice.   

Files to Download